About Me

How it all started

In January 2018 I went on a Yoga retreat in Ecuador and when I returned to Canada I realized my world had changed. I decided to sell almost everything I owned, put the rest in boxes and store them at my mom's home, and set off on an adventure.

On April 11, 2018, I went back to Ecuador where the story continues...

Getting to know me

One day I woke up and realized my life had to change. I became a jewelry designer and lived in a couple of large cities in Canada until one day I realized city life wasn't really what I wanted all the time. I went on a raw food Yoga retreat and my world changed in amazing ways! The adventurer in me woke up and said, "if not now, when?" So, here I am, wandering the world and sharing my stories.


Chandra Tace Schlitz


Join My Journey

I'd love to stay connected to you as I explore the world. I'll be sharing stories and photos on my blog and my social media pages.