Escape from Lukla!

When you’re maneuvering the Top of the World, weather plays a large part in what you can and can’t do. The airstrip is shorter than an aircraft carrier and the planes must make an immediate ascent to miss the mountain at the end of the strip. At the same time, they have to fly between two mountains that are not much wider than their wingspan. So, any kind of cloud cover, fog, rain, or anything else is cause for flight cancellation. Well, flights were cancelled and Trekkers were piling up in Lukla, waiting for a flight schedule that was many days from starting, so we decided to explore our options. The result? The most amazing four day trip down the mountain by way of trekking, horse back, a crazy tractor ride, and an even crazier jeep ride! Local trails through small villages only, no tourist traffic. Story coming…

2 thoughts on “Escape from Lukla!”

  1. What an amazing adventure! You can never forget that it’s a third world country. Very simple and harsh sometime life. Keep writing. I’m enjoying the blog.

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