Living Among the Clouds

Friday June 6th 2014 Lukla, Nepal

4:45am: the birds start chirping and light begins to move into the sky, comfortable like an old friend. The 1st recognizable image I see is the very top of a Himalaya covered in snow. I turn, and two minutes later, it’s gone. It’s huge magnificence totally hidden in a cloud as if it just disappeared, never existed. Then, in the distance a giant mass of white moves into the valley. I mistake it’s eery presence for smoke from a chimney, until I’m shocked into realization by the sheer size of this thick white mass. As my attention moves across my plane of perception, I’m almost startled and delighted at the same time, by the bright pink geraniums just feet infront of me. During the day, they are almost unnoticeable, but now, against this massive white and grey canvas, they jump out, almost scream out as if the whole picture was being seen through a lens with a color filter.

Now time for my Sherpa breakfast! A cup of better tea, chhampa porridge (kind of like cream of wheat with rice), Sherpa bread and jam, and two slices of yak cheese. Then shaky legs please carry me, to the morning puja (prayer) that will kick off today’s leg of the festival at the Lukla monastery.

note: there are several blogs prior to this that I need to type and post.

3 thoughts on “Living Among the Clouds”

  1. You need to put this into a story book! Your writing is wonderful Love the descriptions!

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  2. Elizabeth, I am enjoing your blog very much. You may be living in the clouds but your perceptions and observations are very clear and beautifully written. What an adventure! Looking forward to more posts.
    LOVE from California–Landlubber Leslie xo

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