Friday May 30th 2014 Ghat, Khumbu Region, Nepal

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here high in the Himalayas! The peaks of the mountains are revealed as clouds slowly drift away, and the sun shines bright. From the yard of the lodge where I’m staying I can see snow capped summits while listening to the single bells of wandering cows, or the multiple bells of yaks or donkeys carrying supplies.

I’m pretty sick with some sinus thing I picked up from the kids and have been in bed for over 48 hours, so I’ve come out for a moment, to enjoy the sun, and revel in the beauty of this place. I sit haggard on a bench in the back, hair blowing in the breeze. Ha! That should be in a song. Maybe is. Maybe even a Haggard song! The clothes are drying on the line and the bees are buzzing happily around my aching head. I can’t smell it now, but I know from before that it smells of fresh cut wood, rich soil & earth, and pine trees. In this corner of the world it is unbearably beautiful. A beauty that takes the breath of all, and moves grown men to tears. If I weren’t a being whose sheer existence depends on utter freedom right down to the soul, I would’ve been able to write like this for you days ago. Speaking of, I am very pleased that so many of you are interested in following my adventures, and I thank each of you for your intrigue.

Here in the Everest Region of Nepal, one does not stray far from the beaten path. I suppose it’s due to the rapidly changing weather and harsh environment. There is but one path to Everest Base Camp, and I’m living in the first quarter of it. All towns are built around this steep rocky path that at times is no wider than a goat trail, and all people and animals travel it. From my window, I watch trekkers from all over the world with their Sherpa guides. I watch lines of yaks or donkeys, school children headed to or from school, monks down from the monasteries, travelers, explorers, climbers, and many many Sherpas carrying impossible loads, traversing boulders, sand, mud, and the ubiquitous stone steps that occur regularly. It is not a tale or legend, these people are some of the sturdiest in the world. And the place is gorgeous beyond imagination. You need only open your eyes to be awed!

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