Rawan Sadhu

I went to Pashipatinath again, this time with my Nepali class, and it was awesome again! This time I got a picture with a Sadhu that is a devotee of Rawan (Hindu satan). So there are different Sadhus (Hindu Holy Men), who are devotees of different Hindu gods. Rawan, was a Hindu god who is a devotee of Shiva, one of the main gods. Rawan has magical powers and many weapons. He is extremley knowledgable and is therefore depicted with either 9 or 10 heads and 2 ears that represent his knowledge of the 4 Vedas (Hindu Holy texts) and the 6 Shastra. He is an antagonist and wanted power over the gods so is sometimes depicted with 9 heads, because he had to sacrifice one to Shiva. Apparently, every time he

Rawan Sadhu
Rawan Sadhu

cut it off, it would grow back.

2 thoughts on “Rawan Sadhu”

  1. Haha there is no direct equivalent of Satan in Hindu mythology. 🙂 He is worshipped in several places for his unmatched knowledge, and the vaishnavite strand of hinduism holds to the belief that he was killed by Ram (Vishnu’s avatar) for his hubris.
    Of course, those who want to link mythology to history would say he was a great sri lankan king who was defeated by an aryan invasion.

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