Ghat Village, Khumbu (Everest) Region, Nepal


Ghat Khumbu Region:


The Everest region is absolutely gorgeous! The flight to Lukla was uneventful, which is great considering it is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. When I arrived, I could see snowcapped mountains in the clouds. The father of my host family met me in Lukla and we hiked to Ghat (my village). I’d say the hike was strenuous and my legs are really sore, but the beauty is incredible. Awe inspiring to say the least, and my set up ain’t too shabby either! The host family owns a two story lodge which I have completely to myself! It was built with huge pieces of wood and looks like it belongs in Mammoth or Big Bear. My room is upstairs and I have the most amazing view from my window, which with any luck will be attached to this post. I’ve hiked an hour to Phakding to hopefully get internet access. Its not working at the moment, but hopefully before I have to leave. But, my phone is working pretty well, and I can send and receive texts.


My host family also owns the school and the orphanage. Apparently, I will be working in both…have already been put to work in the orphanage. I’ve been told there is a high lama (teacher) at the monastery right now, so I cannot go there for a week. I’m unclear as to whether this is because I’m needed in the school and orphanage, but will try to get to the monastery as soon as possible as that’s what I’m here for. In the mean time, I will be escaping to walk and see the region and take lots of awesome pictures!


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